Woolworths Global Roaming

Automotive data connectivity solutions

At a glance

Comprised of both B2C & B2B solutions. We brought our in-car solution to market Quickly, delivering where others could not.

Our B2C product enables uninterrpted data connectivity across extensive geographic footprints, and helps redefine the driving experience for Audi customers.

This brings living room luxury inside the car. Check email on a laptop, use a favourite music service or sstream a movie to a tablet. Cubic’s technology immerses drivers and passenders in the wireless wonder of the ease-of-things.

Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Porsche, Bentley & Lamborghini.

My approach

I’ve learned a lot from my experience managing and mentoring both design & UX teams over the years. Well used to operating in fast paced rapid-growth startup environment, I’m a strong believer in a collaborative approach and operate on a non-hierarchical level where everybody’s opinion is not only welcome but necessary for project success.

I also believe it is important, particularly in design realted roles, to provide a nurturing and encouraging environement where designers can develop creatively. I have a genuine interest in the development on my team members.